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January 12 ,1999

<<Mr. Larivière>>
Larivière Construction Ltee
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Re : Letter of Recommendation
Performance of Larivière Construction Ltee
Masonry Restoration William Saunders Building
Repair of Precast Stairs DFAIT Headquarters building

To Whom it May Concern:

We are pleased to recommended Larivière Construction Ltee for their high quality of work, timely project delivery and technical competence.

The William Saunders Building is located at the Central Experimental Farm, Ottawa, Ontario. This project involved significant replacement of the existing brick masonry, restoration of the stone masonry and the retrofit of the stone detailing to incorporate drip edges for the complete exterior of the building.

This project has received a certificate of merit award from the City of Ottawa Conservation Awards 1997.

The departement of Foreign Affairs & International Trade, Headquaters Building, is located at 125 Sussex Drive, Ottawa. This project involved investigative openings and an as found repair of the sub-surface waterproof membrane at the Southern Terrace precast concrete stairs. This failure of the building envelope had persisted for 27 years and had etuded other attemps at making good.

Larivière Construction Ltee, in co-operation with Rickson Outhet Architect, was able to successfully repair the defects in the original building construction.

We recommend Larivière Construction Ltee without hesitation.

Yours truly,

Rickson Outhet B. Arch OAA MRAIC

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