Ville de Gatineau

Completion Date:
Date D'achèvement:
August 2011
Contract Amount:
Montant du Contrat
1 300 000.00

Consultant: Dessau
Client: City of Gatineau

The « Allumettiere » project consisted of created a connection between Grives and Allumettiere Boulevard. The main work was to construct a concrete pedestrian bridge over the Allumettiere Boulevard. Certain elements were prefabricated in reinforced concrete and the others were constructed and poured on site. On the North and South of the bridge, embankments were constructed reinforced by inclusions. The bridge has seven spans of reinforced concrete, which were poured on site, of 126 meters in length, and 3.6 meters wide. The project also included all other work that was necessary for the completion of the project.