Fairmont – Chateau Laurier
Fairmont – Chateau LaurierUs

Completion Date:
Date D'achèvement:
December 2003
Contract Amount:
Montant du Contrat
12 000 000.00

Consultant: John G Cooke
Client: Fairmont

One of the more notable and high profile copper architectural projects in Canada was the on-going restoration of the Fairmont Chateau Laurier, which many Canadians immediately recognized due to its location across the Rideau canal and the parliament buildings. The restoration involved replacing the existing 9- year old copper roof, in order to preserve the integrity of the hotel well into the next century. The project also resulted in a uniform roof appearance, which had not been the case over the last decade or so due to sporadic repairs of small areas at various times.

The restoration program had called for the work to be done in several stages to avoid interfering with the day-to-day operations of the hotel. This in turn required much of it to be undertaken during the winter months, a time in the nation’s capital when roof construction is very difficult.

The original roof was laid over a lightweight concrete deck. However during the restoration, the roof structure was upgraded with the addition of rigid insulation, two membranes, and a plywood deck.

For the masonry section, we had to build scaffolding from ground level to the top of the pinnacle as well as overhead protection for safety purposes. The restoration demanded for Ohio Sandstone to be repointed and replaced, as well as the brick backing where necessary. Upon completion of the work, the building was cleaned, and other repair such as fractured or deteriorated stone were fixed or replaced.