STO / Rapibus
STO / RapibusUs
Ville de Gatineau

Completion Date:
Date D'achèvement:
October 2012
Contract Amount:
Montant du Contrat
1 200 000.00

Consultant: Genivar
Client: City of Gatineau

The Rapibus project is part of the development and improvement to the transit system in Gatineau. Indeed, there are plans to build a dedicated bus corridor that will run along the already existing train tracks. This main corridor, with a length of 15 km, will run between Boulevard Alexandre Taché (Hull), and the boulevard Lorrain (Gatineau). This project consisted in the construction of massive retaining walls, at the intersection of the Rapibus corridor and Boulevard Allumettière. Our work corresponded to all necessary steps for the completion of this project.