Replacement of heritage stones

Larivière Construction is a masonry construction company that has been serving the National Capital Region for several decades. We specialize in residential, commercial and institutional projects. Whether it’s masonry work on a new building or restoration of damage caused by damaged building materials, you can count on Lariviere Construction because we have all the tools and experience necessary to complete any job quickly and efficiently. If you are in the greater Ottawa-Gatineau area and need masonry services, trust Larivière Construction. We are specialists in the domain of masonry.

Preserving the heritage character of a building

Heritage buildings in Ottawa and Gatineau often need repairs to ensure their preservation. At Larivière Construction, we specialize specifically in the repair and restoration of heritage or historic properties that need a little love.

These heritage buildings have been around for a long time and it is important to keep them in good condition. If they are not properly restored, there can be serious consequences, such as mold, which may require decontamination work before restoration can continue. We don’t want any water infiltration in these structures, otherwise the risk of larger problems such as structural damage or even collapse can become problematic.

We work with the heritage character of your building to preserve it for future generations. Larivière Construction is dedicated to respecting architectural styles, so you can have peace of mind knowing that our services will benefit you not only today, but for decades to come.

With our heritage restoration services, you can be sure that your historic building will receive the attention it deserves. Whether it’s exterior updates such as windows and door restoration or salvage deteriorated elements such as mansards, or masonry work, we’ve got you covered.