Why choose masonry replacement and repair services

When you feel the need to replace your old masonry in poor condition to make it safe again, don’t hesitate! The Lariviere Construction team will work hard every step of the way to make sure everything goes as we planned.

We provide quality service from start to finish, including removal of any hazardous materials from the site, disposal of waste away from sensitive areas such as gardens or parks – all the while being mindful of preserving nature whenever possible.

We are the professionals to consult for any situation involving construction. Whether it’s residential buildings, commercial buildings or industrial areas, our team can handle any type of project with our expertise in masonry services, such as brick replacement or wall repair when water damage has occurred on your building.

One of the most common problems with brick walls is a major crack. The mortar that binds the bricks together can eventually fail, and this usually occurs when it is periodically exposed to freezing or thawing temperatures over time. However, there are ways to prevent these masonry problems from occurring in your building with the expertise of Lariviere Construction.

There are many causes of foundation problems, such as deterioration of mortar joints or cracks that develop at the lintel and spandrel. In some cases, it may be necessary to re-point an existing brick wall with new bricks if you notice that cracks have developed over time due to this type of damage before they become more serious problems.

Larivière Construction has years of experience in masonry and in the construction of brick and stone walls. Our specialists can replace any damaged or worn sections with new ones, preserving the appearance of the buildings while adding durability to last for decades to come.