The masonry replacement process with Larivière Construction

With Larivière Construction, the first step in the replacement of damaged masonry is an inspection of the wall, followed by a diagnosis and development of how to proceed. Our team of experts will then identify the deteriorated pieces of various sizes that need to be replaced, while respecting the proper safety precautions during construction so that they can be replaced efficiently without causing additional damage.

The assembly of new masonry is an important part of building restoration. This process begins with a thorough cleaning of the surface and its preparation with mortar, which will then be placed on top with our pieces carefully spotted so that they do not move while we work.

The whole process ends with the completion of the work. Some people think they can replace the bricks or stones in their building by themselves, but this is not always possible and often requires specialized tools for a perfect fit that are difficult to obtain without the professional help of masonry project experts like Larivière Construction.