Replacement of deteriorated bricks, stones or blocks

Masonry repair services are needed when the restoration of a building is not possible. There may be many reasons why repair is not possible, such as safety issues or lower quality materials used in construction. In these cases, it is necessary to replace some of the bricks and stones so that the damaged parts can remain standing while others take their place – a process called masonry replacement.

If you notice cracks in masonry walls, don’t hesitate to call a masonry expert as soon as possible. The longer you take to deal with the problem, the greater the risk that the damage will be more extensive.

Larivière Construction can meet all your masonry needs by performing several types of masonry services, such as brick siding replacement, brick and stone repointing, sill and lintel replacement. Larivière Construction also specializes in the restoration of stone surfaces that have lost their original beauty due to time or environmental factors.

Larivière Construction is a company that specializes in the installation of various types of exterior coverings on commercial, institutional and industrial buildings. The Canadian climate can cause damage to construction over time, requiring architectural interventions to keep these structures up to date for many years.