Brick and stone repointing with Larivière Construction

A masonry expert’s procedure for repointing brick is different from that of stone masonry. First, he empties the joints with a special broom to suck out all the dust, then he removes about 1 ¼ inch deep or twice as thick depending on the type of brick used; this ensures that there are no remnants that could cause problems later when it’s time to apply new mortar over it.

Next, the masonry expert cleans up the excess mortar from previous work with a watering can, removing worn particles that could cause problems in future construction. Then he fills each joint with trowels and mix before finishing by letting it set for 72 hours to avoid the risk of micro-cracks due to rapid drying problems caused by exposure to wet weather.

When repointing the stone, the masonry expert opens a joint with his small jackhammer and cleans up any dirt or loose particles in the joint with water before filling in those spaces with trowels. Finally, he performs another wet cure process for good measure.

Masonry in a building is an area where you want to make sure it gets the respect it deserves. You need someone who is experienced and knows what they are doing, or serious problems can arise. It is important to choose the right mortar for your project. Mortars that are too hard can cause bricks or stones to crack, ruining their appearance and causing irreparable damage.

If you are looking for the best masonry services, look no further than Lariviere Construction. We have years of experience with all types and styles – from classic to modern designs. Our expertise will help you make your vision a reality by solving any problems that arise along the way, so that everything is exactly as you want it.