Installation of helical propellers and specialized anchors

The entire Larivière Construction team offers custom masonry services to ensure the health and well-being of your residential, commercial or institutional building. We specialize in the installation, repair or consolidation of all types of stone cladding as well as structural anchors for masonry projects.

If you have noticed a deformation of your masonry cladding, or if you are looking to install a new one, contact the masonry project specialists in Gatineau, Larivière Construction. We offer custom services for all types of anchors used on brick and stone structures so that they can remain strong through the years.

Masonry cladding on buildings can be vulnerable to degradation during the winter due to the harsh climate. This means that the fasteners that secure this type of surface material, such as mortar or brick for example, are more likely to be compromised by freezing temperatures and thawing cycles over time. While not always immediately present if left unchecked, these weaknesses will eventually manifest themselves as a crack or swelling appearance in the brick.

With our expertise in masonry projects, we have been providing quality services to all its clients for several decades. They are experts in brick and masonry and offer consolidation services with new structural anchors in Gatineau.

What role do structural anchors play?

Anchors are used to hold the back-up wall or siding in place, but they also help strengthen any vertical elements such as walls. When you install new anchors on an old building that has deteriorated due to a weak foundation, you will be able to restore stability to these structures by transferring weight back through them more efficiently.

Why have new anchors installed on your building?

Masonry is an excellent building material because of its durability. However, it can be vulnerable to cracks and voids in the wall that add excessive weight on top until it eventually degrades or collapses, depending on the pressure that has been placed on them over time.

Another masonry problem you may encounter with your building is water infiltration. This can cause deterioration and stability issues for old anchors, which affects the appearance of the structure over time, as it causes the bricks and masonry wall to become loose.

Masonry companies are often called upon to install new anchors

Masonry structures are prone to cracking and gradual deterioration. If you notice any signs of weakness, such as minor cracks or brittleness, it is best to inspect your masonry units immediately. This will give us enough time before they cause more damage, which can lead to costly repairs if left unchecked.

However, if you see that the deterioration is well underway and it is not too late to ask for intervention, the Larivière Construction team will do everything in its power. We have a proven track record of handling complex situations and serious masonry problems.