Complete reconstruction of walls

Larivière Construction is a company based in Gatineau that specializes in many construction, renovation and masonry projects. We offer certified professional services and focus on customer satisfaction, which means that we are committed to providing the best possible service and we do so with a high level of expertise for our clients.

In addition, we specialize in masonry restoration of architectural and/or heritage buildings. Larivière Construction has professionals capable of offering precise diagnoses, as well as technical and budgetary solutions; we carry out work to satisfy our clients’ needs.

Masonry walls are strong and durable, but they can have their weaknesses. If you notice any of these signs in your masonry wall, it may be time to replace or repair it:

  • Major cracks that run through the entire wall;
  • Bellies where there is no longer any clay-based mortar visible on top;
  • mold growth due to moisture problems at either end;

When it comes to the condition of your walls, you have several options. If they are in good condition, we can usually salvage most or all of the original elements and preserve their historical value by using them in our restoration process. However, if too much damage has been done, new materials will need to be replaced to perform a complete reconstruction of your building’s masonry wall.

If you need to replace or rebuild a brick masonry wall, Lariviere Construction will take care of all the details to keep your property safe and intact. We start by removing any damaged material before installing new bricks in their place, so there is less risk of damage during the complete reconstruction of the wall. With our expertise, we replace the bricks on your property to make it look like new again.

It’s important to make sure your masonry is well protected, especially if you live in an area where weather conditions can sometimes be challenging, such as rain or snow. Our team examines the exterior insulation of all masonry surfaces and reinforces weak spots with self-adhesive air barriers before removing the old mortar for repointing work; they also take the time to review the adjustments that need to be made based on the inspections while performing the complete masonry wall reconstruction.