Cleaning of masonry

Your masonry facades are the soul and beauty of your home. The professionals at Larivière Construction have been in the masonry business for decades and we are more than happy to provide our expertise. We specialize not only in restoring brick facades, but also in cleaning them to keep them looking their best. Renowned for the quality of its work, Larivière Construction restores building envelopes and performs pressure cleaning of masonry throughout Gatineau. We specialize in all types of masonry cleaning projects to make your space beautiful and durable.

We are experts in masonry pressure cleaning. For decades, the Lariviere Construction team has worked hard to develop techniques and methodologies that can be used on any type of masonry without damaging it so that you get the best results every time.

Maintaining your bricks is essential for them to last as long and looks great. One of the common concerns people have about maintaining their bricks although not specifically related to cleaning in this case is how to best maintain its natural coloring over time; because once dirt starts to build up on the masonry brick wall.

Larivière Construction has a team of technicians with extensive knowledge in masonry restoration who are able to provide you with high quality services. We only use products that are specifically designed for this type of situation. Our professionals offer their expertise by providing an individualized approach to the cleaning and restoration of any masonry structure that requires special attention.