Specialization in marine works

We know how to work with a variety of different parties to complete complex marine construction projects while ensuring that natural features on land and water are protected and enhanced, and that impacts on vegetation, wildlife and habitats are minimized.

Larivière Construction has worked on a variety of marine works construction projects across Ontario, including the restoration of major waterfront sites, the protection of shorelines, the design of erosion and flood protection solutions, and the construction and refurbishment of various bridges.

Larivière Construction offers outstanding engineering services. We are able to help facilitate the implementation of complex projects, from design through construction, for results that will improve our communities for generations to come.

Seawalls & Waterfront Protection

Larivière Construction’s team of engineers are experts in the design and implementation of shoreline protection plans to reduce the risk of erosion and flooding. Using a range of techniques, including hard and soft stabilization techniques, we are able to examine unique physiographic regions and determine proper solutions, including

  • naturalization of canal.s
  • Building breakwaters, seawalls or revetments
  • Soil or vegetation bioengineering
  • Use of armour stone, rockfall or gabions

Erosion Prevention

Larivière Construction are experts in erosion reduction and prevention. We are able to perform assessments of unique environments and implement a personalized solution to help reduce the erosion process of streams, shorelines and other water surfaces. Solutions include:

  • Naturalization of canals
  • Building stormwater management systems
  • Building of retaining walls or claddings
  • Installation of roofs and slope coverings
  • Bioengineering of soils and vegetation
  • Restoration of watercourses
  • Retexturing and reinforcement of slope surfaces

Watercourse Restoration

Larivière Construction has successfully designed and successfully implemented solutions to restore streams and creeks to their natural state. We are able to restore streams while mitigating potential damage to delicate natural environments. Our thorough process takes into account physiographic analysis, geology, groundwater conditions, runoff, infrastructure, erosion, sediment control, vegetation and wildlife. Our engineers are knowledgeable in restoration techniques, including

  • naturalization of canals
  • built-up wetland.s
  • Infiltration basins
  • Retention basins
  • Soil or vegetation bioengineering
  • Use of armour stone, rockfall or gabions

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