The garage of a building is an area where traffic is often more frequent—and it is subject to a triple challenge: it is under the pressure of the weight of the entire building, the shifting weight of the foundation, and direct damage from traffic and exhaust fumes. It is therefore normal that it deteriorates frequently and requires concrete repair through a building refection and rehabilitation process more than any other part of a building’s structure.

Typically, the life of concrete in a building’s underground garage can easily be reduced from 35 to 40 years to 10–15 years if not properly maintained. As with all building refection, restoration and rehabilitation projects, concrete garage repairs will cost you less if you identify the problem early.

Signs that you need garage repairs:
While some structural cracks may be completely harmless and only require cosmetic repairs, others may indicate a serious structural problem in the building. If a few portions of your garage structure are marked by the same pattern of cracks running in the same direction, the garage concrete cannot go untreated. It must be repaired immediately to ensure the structural health of the building.

Moisture and cracks in garage walls:
It is essential to check the garage walls for signs of moisture. If there are cracks, moisture from the ground, especially with rain, will begin to penetrate the underground garage walls. The garage foundation is then likely to have serious problems and will lose its waterproofing functionality.