When you close your eyes and imagine a building, you are most likely imagining its facade. The facade is what separates the occupants of a building from the outside elements. It is essential that the facade be inspected, maintained and repaired on a regular basis to ensure that it is secure and functioning as intended. In this sense, building inspection and repair is a good solution to adopt, for optimal safety of occupants.

In order to understand that there is a problem and where it may be coming from, it is useful to know the main causes of facade deterioration and the warning signs of deterioration that have already begun.

There are many factors that can contribute to the deterioration of a building’s facade and the need for a building repair. These include weather conditions, lack of preventive maintenance, building movement, quality of building materials and age. The important thing to remember is that small problem can turn into big ones if they are not addressed in a preventive manner.

The facade of your building plays a vital role in the aesthetic appeal of your property. A modern, well-maintained facade makes a strong first impression that solidifies your reputation and helps you attract important tenants and customers. By proactively incorporating building refection, restoration and rehabilitation into your building maintenance plan, you can retain these benefits while reducing the cost of repairs in the longer term.