Balconies are among the most used and solicited areas of your building or residence. They are constantly exposed to the environment, usually involve extensive landscaping, and usually do not receive proper regular maintenance. Larivière Construction can review and repair all your balcony and building repair needs in a professional manner and with complete confidence.

Concrete balconies are an investment and can add charm and character to any building, which can increase the value of any property. In addition, balconies have several benefits, including the ability to maximize living space while connecting the interior of a home to the exterior, and they should be reviewed on an ongoing basis by a building refection repair professional. Maintenance repairs or major restoration during a building refection and rehabilitation process should be done if recommended by a qualified professional.

Most residential buildings have balconies. These spaces are an urban oasis where people can enjoy the view of the buildings, breathe fresh air or simply have a conversation with their neighbours. They are an important part of the process of creating vibrant, supportive and connected communities in urban residential areas.

The most common method of restoring balconies during a building refection and rehabilitation process is the use of steel-reinforced concrete. Steel and concrete work well together, as concrete is good in compression but bad in tension, steel is good in tension but bad in compression, while combined, they compensate for each other’s weaknesses and resist deformation forces well too. Balconies bend under their own weight, the weight of the various elements they support, and the loads of people and furniture. Such stresses combined with weather and time can lead to cracks and building repairs will inevitably be necessary to ensure proper safety for building occupants.