Building Repair

Larivière Construction perfectly masters the implementation of waterworks projects and is an expert in concrete repairs. Indeed, we have the essential tools to carry out a rehabilitation project of existing structures. We have the necessary equipment to carry out all types of repair work.


What is building Repair

The building structure supports and balances the weight of construction. Water infiltration and biodegradation of wood are common threats to wood-frame buildings. As wood degrades, it loses its integrity. A degrading structure can lead to subsidence or collapse in some areas. Large-scale structural failures present dangerous conditions for occupants. In this possibility of serious damage to a building, it is highly recommended that a building repair specialist be consulted to provide solutions to a building’s structural issues.

When all structural problems are repaired, the exterior cladding and interior walls are completed. In all of our restoration work, we strive to return your building to its original condition and appearance. We work with building owners and managers to develop solutions that are affordable and minimally intrusive to residents. With an emphasis on communication, the project progresses quickly.

Our experience with building repair

The well-being of building occupants is one of our top priorities during a building repair project. We take responsibility for putting in place the necessary temporary support and safety measures. We work with structural engineers to assess the damage and design structurally strong solutions. All of the tasks involved in a building repair project are carried out carefully and methodically by the Larivière Construction team in order to preserve as much of the existing structure as possible. These repairs often require the dismantling of exterior and/or interior walls to gain full access to the structural components.

Since 1974, Larivière Construction’s various construction projects have given it excellent expertise in the implementation of waterworks projects and is an expert in concrete repairs. Indeed, we have the necessary tools to carry out a project of building refection of existing structures. We have the necessary equipment to carry out all types of repair work.

Different types of building repair services

There are several existing techniques for repairing and rehabilitating structures in case of problems and deterioration of a building. Concrete is the most commonly used and versatile building material, having several advantages over steel and other building materials. However, deterioration in concrete is common. During its many decades of service in the construction field, Larivière Construction has the experience and expertise to carry out building repair and rehabilitation projects.

Balconies are among the most used and solicited areas of your building or residence. They are constantly exposed to the environment, usually involve extensive landscaping, and usually do not receive proper regular maintenance. Larivière Construction can review and repair all your balcony and building repair needs in a professional manner and with complete confidence.

The garage of a building is an area where traffic is often more frequent—and it is subject to a triple challenge: it is under the pressure of the weight of the entire building, the shifting weight of the foundation, and direct damage from traffic and exhaust fumes. It is therefore normal that it deteriorates frequently and requires concrete repair through a building refection and rehabilitation process more than any other part of a building’s structure.

When you close your eyes and imagine a building, you are most likely imagining its facade. The facade is what separates the occupants of a building from the outside elements. It is essential that the facade be inspected, maintained and repaired on a regular basis to ensure that it is secure and functioning as intended. In this sense, building inspection and repair is a good solution to adopt, for optimal safety of occupants.

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