Larivière Construction invests its time in all its projects in order to offer you a quality service that meets your requirements and needs. All our achievements reflect our expertise and our ability to offer you a high-level results that comply with the highest standards in the field. We carry out several types of construction work in the institutional, commercial, and industrial sectors.

General Contractor

Kitchen renovation - January 2020

Canadian museum of Nature

Value : $393, 131.00  |  Gatineau, Quebec

The work under this project consisted in leveling of existing concrete slab, following the removal of existing floor finishes. And mechanically scarify the entire surface of the slab before proceeding with any other preparation for the installation of new floor finishes. Then, Lariviere coordinated the supply and installation of new equipment for the kitchen facilities.

Granite panel sealant replacement and curtain wall rehabilitation

105 Hôtel de Ville

Value : $438, 470  |  Gatineau, Quebec

The work under the project was to address exterior sealant deterioration and provide an improved air and water leakage resistance-building envelope. In order to achieve our mandate, we had to restore the curtain wall drainage paths, renew the curtain wall air and water seals, replace the failed granite panel perimeter sealants and renew window perimeter sealants.

Restoration of the Carpentry Building - December 2018

Chaudière Carpentry Building

Value : 307, 258.00 $  |  Ottawa, Ontario

The work under the project was to remove all material inside the building, salvage loose stones, supply and install reinforcement steel structure In order to achieve our mandate we had to provide hoarding, temporary enclosures, and cranes.

Complete construction of a 30'x30' garage - January 2021

KRUGER plant

Value: $225K | Gatineau, Quebec

Construction Larivière Ltée was pleased to provide its services to Kruger Inc. through Ledcor-Zibi LP. The mandate of the project was the complete construction of a 30″ x 30″ garage. For six weeks, the tasks included the construction of a structural slab on the ground, various housekeeping pads for mechanical installations (interior and exterior), insulation and vapor barrier for concrete elements. Moreover, it was imperative to take into account the winter conditions.

In addition, Construction Larivière Ltée provided electrical and mechanical coordination in addition to the erection of a prefabricated steel structure, the installation of a metal roof and the installation of exterior and interior cladding. Finally, this project ended with the spray foam insulation of the ceiling and walls, the supply and installation of garage and single doors.


Modernization work on the drinking water production plant — December 2018


Value : $3.15M  |  Gatineau, Quebec

The project will run for a period of two years. The work will consist of new custom formwork and concrete repairs that require formwork. Construction Larivière Ltée will carry out this project in 6 phases and will take care of pouring and finishing all the concrete including the horizontal slabs. Some phases will take place outside the plant and in winter which will require winterization.

Also included in the contract will be the surveying of the formwork work; forming of the columns, beams, exposed slabs, concrete finishing (screeds); forming of the cleanliness slabs for mechanical/electrical equipment; forming of the pouring joints; placing the concrete with a crane; scaffolding for placing the formwork and reinforcement, tower crane, mobile crane or concrete pump; handling, fabrication of supports, installation of anchor bolts, engineering drawings for slab shoring and concrete authorization; supply, installation and maintenance of guardrails; grinding of protruding angles, chamfering, filling of tie rods, placement of clean concrete (formwork).

OLRT Formwork — June 2018


Value : $2.2M  |  Ottawa, Ontario

OLRT formwork Larivière Construction Ontario Ltd was awarded a contract to conduct concrete formwork and placement for structural and architectural elements throughout its tunnels. Working with tight deadlines and alongside many other subcontractors, this project was delivered under challenging circumstances ; especially considering the limited space throughout the tunnels for mobilizing and pumping concrete. Our works consisted of the following :

  • Concrete walls (up to 600mm thick)
  • Staircases
  • Elevator pits
  • Curbs
  • Toppings (pads and overlays)
  • Housekeeping pads

Pedestrian bridge Allumettières — August 2011


Value : $2M  |  Gatineau, Quebec

Complete construction of a concrete pedestrian bridge spanning across the Allumettières boulevard in Gatineau. The reinforced suspended walking platform spanning across the boulevard was prefabricated on site while the abutments and remainder of concrete work was formed and poured in place. The two precast sections were put in place using two 250t cranes hooked up to steel spreaders (fabricated by us) allowing perfect placement.

Footing Formwork - February 2020

Sir John A. Macdonald Parkway Bridge

Value : $130 603.00  |  Ottawa, Ontario

The work under this project was to reconstruct 540m3 of concrete footing for Sir John A. Macdonald parkway bridge. To complete our mandate, we had to supply and install formwork (peri panels), then the concrete pouring.

Repair and rehabilitation of Concrete pier and abutments — November 2016


Value : $205 500.00  |  Merrickville, Ontario

This project consisted in the Rehabilitation of the abutments, Pier, & wing walls of the Merrickville Weir. The existing structure was still at its original state and required severe concrete repairs and new reinforcing steel. Water & Environmental control was a major factor in this project. All necessary sediment barriers, water diversion systems (2x 6” Diesel Water Pump), and emergency logs (Upstream of Sluice/Gate) were put in place to ensure a secure working area. Working on the downstream side of the gates required us to work on one gate at the time due to possible water levels, and the opening of the gates. Custom formwork needed to be installed on site to accommodate the existing structure. Once the demolition was completed, the exposed concrete was cleaned and doweled with new reinforcing steel for the new concrete. Once the new concrete was cast into place, necessary heating was required due to low temperature. This project required us to put in place a work platform on the downstream riverbed, scaffolding, and temporary shoring of the existing concrete deck.

Repair and reconstruction - Landing footbridge replacement work Northern staircase – phase 2 — October 2018

Hormisdas-Gamelin High School

Value : $226 970  |  Gatineau, Quebec

This project consists of demolishing and reconstruction of concrete stairs in order to complete our mandate we had to supply and install the formwork, railing, concrete, and concrete pouring.

Repair and reconstruction - Landing footbridge replacement work Southern staircase – phase 1 — October 2017

Hormisdas-Gamelin High School

Value : $226 970 $  |  Gatineau, Quebec

This project consists of demolishing and reconstruction of concrete stairs in order to complete our mandate we had to supply and install the formwork, railing, concrete, and concrete pouring.


Tailrace Pier Rehabilitation – Switch house — December 2019

Zibi Hull

Value : $292 000  |  Gatineau, Quebec

The work under the project was to supply and install the masonry blocks, membrane, insulation, rebars, and the stone cladding. We also coordinated supply and installation of scaffolding.

Restoration of Vaux wall

Vaux Wall

Value : $1.5M – $3.4M  |  Ottawa, Ontario

The restoration of the Vaux Wall at Parliament Hill consisted to restore the wall as close as possible to its original condition. It demanded the dismantlement of the wall for repairs and repointing. The Wall was then rebuilt to it’s original condition.

Cliff CHCP – Chiller # 4 replacement — February 2015

Cliff chiller

Value : $274 264  |  Ottawa, Ontario

The Cliff CHCP project consisted of concrete work such as new pads, slabs, footings, duct banks, and exterior wall concrete strengthening. To reinforce the exterior wall, the stone facade needed to be demolished and reinstated as existing once the concrete work was completed. The concrete reinforcement required certain concrete demolition and the installation of new steel reinforcement around the windows in order to comply with the structural strength needed for the electrical room located above the exterior wall & windows.

Reconstruction of the south staircase

Canadian Museum of History

Value : $500 000  | Ottawa, Ontario

This project required the complete dismantling of the stone walls and precast concrete stairs. Concrete repairs and the installation of a new membrane were done before the new precast concrete staircase was installed. We rebuilt the stone wall by recycling the existing stones and ensuring that they kept their original cachet. A new stainless steel handrail was made on site and customized, with integrated LED lights which adds a modern touch to the building.

Masonry Work - Cogeneration


Value : $401 600  |  Thurso, Quebec

This project includes the construction of a biomass boiler in the turbine building and the amendment of some existing facilities.

Building Refection

Garage repair and refurbishment (2 phases)

700 St-Joseph

Value : $3 279 752  |  Gatineau, Quebec

This project consisted in parking garage slabs restoration including shoring design and installation, through-slab removals and reinstatement about 600 m2, traffic coating installation, concrete, demolition, formwork and reinstatement.

Reconstruction of balconies (2 facades)

Le Faubourg De l’Île

Value : $2 205 005  |  Gatineau, Quebec

The work under the project was to repair and replace the hollow core balcony slabs, repair on the concrete shear walls, replace the balcony guardrails and canopies, installation of waterproofing membranes and replacement of joint sealants.

Loading Dock Reconstruction - December 2016

Place Du Centre Loading dock

Value : $750 000  |  Gatineau, Quebec

Construction Larivière Ltée. was awarded a contract to conduct concrete deck replacement and overlay repairs. The existing state of the suspended slab was degraded due to erosion and drain leaking. Extensive shoring was put in place in order to demolish the existing concrete by use of hydro blasting. Water management was put in place and pumped out daily in order to give the client a clean environment. Existing drains were replaced, and the new slab was poured and finished in two phases. Electrical, plumbing, waterproofing membrane and misc. steel components were also included in this contract.

Marine Works

Bridge Rehabilitation - September 2019

Lemieux Island

Value : $795 372  |  Ottawa, Ontario

The work under the project was to remove partial depth of the existing concrete structure for the vertical face of the abutment walls, back walls, and wingwalls. Then, remove the top surface of the bearing seat for the in-water piers and island piers. We also coordinated the localized coating and steel repairs on the steel casing. In order to achieve our works, we had to supply and install temporary access, environmental protection and coordinate the supply and installation of scaffolding.

Parks Canada Historic Bridge Rehabilitation - Long Island - August 2008

Parcs Canada Long Island Swing Bridge

Value : $417 333  |  Ottawa, Ontario

The Long Island Swing Bridge project consists of repairs to the swing bridge and the lower sill of lock 15 of the Long Island Lock Station in Manotick Ontario. The bridge is a single lane 21.5 meters long, unequal arm riveted steel pony truss Swing Bridge, which was built in 1921. The lower sill of lock 15 is constructed of limestone masonry, and was built in 1832. The bridge and locks are owned and operated by the Rideau Canal, of Parks Canada Agency. In general, the work covered under this contract consisted of the supply of all equipment, labor and material to carry out the repair work that covers:

  • Bridge – replacement of the existing concrete abutments, timber deck replacement and repainting of the bridge.
  • Lock 15 sill – repairs to the limestone masonry stones, concrete repairs, installation of large double corrosion protection bond anchors and the installation of mechanical anchors. Also, forming part of the work is the construction of a detour including the installation of a temporary bridge to redirect the local traffic from Nicolls Island around the construction site.

Bronson-Channel repairs — October 2010

Bronson Channel

Value : $397 000  |  Ottawa, Ontario

The Bronson Channel Bridge at the Chaudière Dam needed excessive structural concrete repairs on the underside of the concrete deck. The entire underside was demolished and re-poured, including the concrete located at the bearing pads. On the topside of the deck, a new waterproof membrane was installed with an asphalt overlay. Both access aprons were demolished and re-poured to the desire slope and specifications.


Mezzanine ramp — February 2016

Ramp at the Canadian Museum of History

Value : $317 523  |  Gatineau, Quebec

Construction of a steel ramp with design which included: factory production, supply and installation of bolts. Applying matte gray primer only, and the assembly of the structure.

Temporary Bridge Support - July 2019

Sir-John-A.-Macdonald Shoring

Value : $350 000  |  Ottawa, Ontario

This project consists of supply and install of steel structure as temporary support for Sir John A. Macdonald parkway bridge. Lariviere did the inspection of the shoring structure for 3 years.

Structural steel work — September 2019

233 Gilmour

Value : $86 401  |  Ottawa, Ontario

The work under the project was to supply, fabricate and install 2 steel structures on the top of 233 Gilmour building. And we also had to build concrete bases for these two steel structures.