About Us

since 1974

Established since 1974, Larivière Construction is particularly proud to now be able to rely on the presence of the third generation with Patrick Larivière.

Larivière Construction is an agile organization that distinguishes itself through its various sectors such as formwork, masonry, steel structures, concrete repair, technical work on bridges, and waterworks. We work in a professional, careful, and precise manner in order to satisfy our clients’ objectives. Many of our projects have been successfully completed in the Ottawa-Gatineau region. Our reputation is well established in the Canadian market.

Larivière Construction’s preferred operating formula focuses on the essential aspects of planning, transparency, sustainability, and outstanding customer service. All construction projects meet the requirements of our partners and clients in a context of high demand.

By meeting with one of our construction consultants and compiling your requirements, we are in a position to respond to your project in the institutional, commercial, and industrial sectors.